What's new with Paragon - June 27, 2017

What's new with Paragon - June 27, 2017

Here’s what we've been working on to make ParagonERP work better for you.

Launch of new add-on shop

Although not officially launched, we thought that we'd give you a sneak peek into Paragon's new add-on shop. Found in the settings module, this is where you can purchase add-ons that will installed directly into Paragon. You can currently choose from a list of carriers to ship with - thanks to our integration with shipping guru, Shippo.

Speed improves across all reference modules

When accessing a product, customer, material or vendor module, the time it takes for the list view to initially load has dramatically decreased. The same goes for the time it takes to edit, save and switch records. We recorded improvements of between 10% and 40% across these modules for different actions.

Cleaner alignment in pivot mode of transactions

When you have a multiple sizes of the same style/color on a transaction, you can pivot the transaction to display the units in each size bucket.

When you pivot the transaction, the grid alignment does not change. This is consistent with the rest of the transaction screens.

Import and export image URLs through universal translator

A few updates ago, we added the ability to upload pictures into Paragon with a URL. Now, you can mass upload these URLs into Paragon using the universal translator. This functionality allows you to get your pictures into Paragon as quickly as possible.

Rules can be written to access the bill of materials

A bill of materials is like a recipe to create a product and the rules engine allows you to customize how Paragon works to fit your business processes. Now, you can use the rules engine to write a customization and create validations for you bill of materials. An example of this type of rule could be: "Do not allow me to issue a work order that has a product with 0 units on the BOM."

Forgot password function implemented

Have you ever had to ask Jonar to unlock your username? With the new forgot password function, you'll never have to email us about this again. All you have to do is hit the forgot password link and reset it.

Clear a default attribute during setup

When setting up an attribute, you can decide to set a default attribute value. That default attribute value will appear anywhere the attribute is used, unless it is manually changed. You can now set a blank attribute value as a default if you don't necessarily want one to appear.


Here's a list of pesky bugs we squashed with this update:

  • When notifications appear, they should disappear once you click edit, save, cancel or one minute passes. There was a bug that prevented the notifications from clearing, causing them to remain in the list until you logged out. This bug has been corrected.
  • In the attribute setup area, there is a column called "created by". This column allows you to see who created the attribute. There was a bug that showed one username in this list, regardless of who actually created this attribute, which has been fixed.
  • When logging into test mode, you were not fully switching out of live. This resulted in some transactions being created in live mode instead of test mode, which had been corrected.
  • A password is now mandatory when entering email credentials in email setup. Without a password, you cannot proceed and set up email in Paragon.
  • When you receive a payment, the unapplied amount must always equal zero. If it is not zero, you will receive a notification. There was a bug that made this notification appear to be incorrect, which has been changed.
  • While doing bank reconciliation, you can choose a type for each transaction. The different types of transactions are payment, adjustment and deposit. The font and casing of these choices were not formatted consistently, which has been changed.
  • Labor is now spelled consistently across the entire software.

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