What's new with Paragon - March 17, 2020

What's new with Paragon - March 17, 2020

Introducing… Wikett!

Are you an FBA seller looking for an accounting solution? Or, maybe you’re already using QuickBooks to track your Amazon sales? In either case, you need Wikett! Wikett is a connector between QuickBooks and Amazon that gives you all the insight of our Amazon integration with the simplicity of QuickBooks accounting. 

Wikett imports your orders, returns, selling fees, FBA fees, and reimbursements from your Amazon Seller Central into QuickBooks automatically. This means you no longer have to spend time manually recreating Amazon transactions in QuickBooks Online. What else is great about it? All your sales will be fully itemized on a SKU/ASIN level providing unrivalled operational insight.

What’s even better is that you no longer need to struggle to understand your Amazon settlement report. Wikett will automatically import your Amazon settlement report and accurately record the charges that Amazon deducts before your deposit is made. Wikett reconciles your FBA orders, refunds, and payments to the penny.

If you are new to QuickBooks Wikett can even take the information you have in Amazon Seller Central and use it to auto-configure your QuickBooks for you.  

Wikett will be publicly available soon but let us know if you want some early info. We’ll be sure to keep you posted over the coming weeks.

Multi-carrier integration 

While doing an implementation for a customer, we came across an amazing new logistics partner and have been able to build a brand new, fully functional integration at record speed. Keep your eyes peeled - we are releasing it for general consumption soon! If you want to check if your carriers are already on their list here's a sneak peak.

Created by, modified by for all references and transactions 

Paragon is all about transparency. That’s why you can now see who created and modified a transaction or a reference, and when. This information is visible in a modal that you access from an information button. You can see the username of the last person to have changed the transaction and the time at which the change happened. 

Write rules or allow users to lock transactions

At some point, depending on your business, transactions can become final and unchangeable. To make Paragon even more flexible, you can now run rules to lock transactions automatically - preventing users from being able to edit them. Based on the access you give to each of your users, you can also control who can lock and unlock transactions by module. When a transaction is locked, you will see a lock icon next to the edit button. When a transaction is unlocked, the unlock icon will appear in its place. This feature was developed so the system could prevent users from changing digital documents that are connected to 3rd party systems like EDI, but we decided to make the feature available through the rules-engine for custom workflow as well. For help writing rules, please contact us at support@paragon-erp.com.

Use your own transaction numbers when uploading through the universal translator

There are many ways to create and update transactions in Paragon. When importing transactions with the universal translator, you can assign the transaction number yourself using the ~ symbol before the transaction you want to upload. This is particularly useful if you transfer transactions from one system to another and want to use the same reference number across both.


New payment register report

Our new report, the payment register report (formerly the Check Register report), includes all payments created in Paragon. You can use it to figure out things like which checks haven’t been printed or what dates you paid using a credit card. 


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve eliminated with this update:

  1. Transactions created via integrations and manipulated by rules are no longer missing transaction numbers
  2. You can now add a new line to a product BOM and add that product to any transaction without having to log out.
  3. Add item modal improvements.
  4. You can now set line attribute inheritance from references

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