What's new with Paragon - March 31, 2022

What's new with Paragon - March 31, 2022

Print PDFs or run rules in bulk

Performing operations in bulk is essential to efficient and effective processes. In Paragon, this is done using the bulk action drop down from list view. You can now print PDFs for multiple records at once, either by manually selecting them, filtering the list to a select group, or printing all records at once. This will generate one tab with a different page for each record using the templates that are specified for each individual record in the print and email configuration area.

This new bulk selection modal has been applied to the other bulk actions as well, giving you more granular control over which records the action should be applied to. For example, you can quickly issue all of your orders for the day by filtering the list to all temp orders created today and selecting “as filtered” from the bulk selection modal.

Reference the ATS of items when adding them through the advanced modal

When entering orders, it’s important to make sure that you have enough inventory to fulfill the order by the customer’s expected delivery date. The available to sell (ATS) quantities are now shown for pivoted varieties on the advanced add item modal so that you never make promises to customers that you can’t keep.

Copy manual journal entries

Recurring entries into the GL are common for things like monthly bills, payroll, depreciation or interest expenses. These journals can either be complete copies from one period or quarter to the next, or simply entries with the same accounts debited and credited for varying amounts. In Paragon, this can be accomplished by copying the previous manual entry, updating any necessary amounts, and selecting the new period before posting it.

Export the trial balance to Excel

To put it simply, trial balances are generated to ensure that all debits are equal to the credit posted in a specific period. This report can now also be exported to Excel, making it easy to perform any additional analysis or calculations on the data.

Reference the quantity of an item on issued purchase order, work orders and receipts

Previously, Paragon displayed a single inbound calculation that was a cumulative sum of the quantities of each item on issued purchase orders and work orders. You can now see this quantity broken down into the amount on issued purchase orders, issued work orders and issued receipts. This information is available on the add item modal and any item-based reports. It is also available via an API request.

Generate journal entries using the actual cost of items when using exchange rates

When receiving foreign goods from a vendor, the exchange rate at the time of receipt may differ from the exchange rate at time of payment. In this scenario, a journal entry should only be created when the vendor invoice is issued with the actual costs, rather than when the receipt is completed. This can now be configured using the “financials, shipments and inventory” automatic journal setting.

The previous “financials and inventory” option has been replaced with the option labeled “financials, receipts, shipments and inventory”.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Unique customer IDs from Shopify are now added to the customer records when they are imported into Paragon.
  2. The interface is now properly refreshed when inventory adjustments into new created locations.
  3. The first GL account in the chart no longer gets saved as a product after the first product is created.
  4. When a manual journal entry is created, the date of the journal now defaults to the first date of the period that it is set to be posted in.
  5. The journal listing report now shows the correct period description if 13 periods are used.
  6. Generating PDFs from templates is now quicker, especially for transactions with a large number of lines.

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