What's new with Paragon - May 3, 2016

What's new with Paragon - May 3, 2016

Here’s what we've been working on to make ParagonERP work better for you.

Features and Improvements

You can now void transactions in the RMA, Purchase Order, Quote, Order, and Reservation modules. Notes:

  • If a transaction is linked to another transaction (for example, if a picking ticket is created off a sales order), it cannot be voided. If you attempt to void a linked transaction, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Once a transaction is voided, affected reports will automatically update.

We’ve implemented the base functionality that will allow you to email out of Paragon.

We’ve successfully prototyped barcode scanning using a smartphone. The next step is to build out the full feature for use in the warehouse.

The contact data in the Person module can now be updated by importing CSV or XLS files in the same way company and product data has been previously available.

A couple of weeks ago, an “outstanding” column was added in the order module to display units that have not yet been shipped. Now, when you create a new shipment from the order, the outstanding quantities will get picked up rather than the initial units booked


When creating a transaction off of another transaction (for example, an invoice off a sales order), the source column in the module list view was not updating immediately. Previously, it only updated after modifying and saving the transaction. This has been corrected and now it updates as soon as you create the transaction.

When you received a work order, inventory was not updating correctly. Now, if you create a work order for a style with a BOM, both the material and product inventories update correctly when you receive the work order.

We’ve made changes to the design of the Receive Payment and Make Payment modules. The design is now consistent with the rest of the software. In addition, an “already paid” column was added, which makes the relationship between the columns easier to understand.

A bug was preventing you from uploading pictures into the Product and Material modules. This has been corrected. In addition, the buttons to add and delete pictures were displaying when you were out of edit mode. This has also been corrected.


You may have noticed an “Internal Error” that shows up in different areas of Paragon now and then. We are aware of it. In fact, we know what causes it. It is not a Paragon bug. It is a bug in the tool that we use to help build Paragon. The company that provides this tool has already fixed this error and it will be deployed in their next update. At that time, we will test the change in Paragon and let you know as soon as it is successfully fixed.

Please note that this error does not affect your data. For now, please simply log out and log back into Paragon any time you see this error. Thanks for your patience.

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