What's new with Paragon - November 22, 2022

What's new with Paragon - November 22, 2022

New boxing interface 📦 🎉

We’re incredibly excited to announce that boxing in Paragon is now quicker and easier than ever! Suited for both straightforward and intricate boxing requirements, the new interface will allow you to:

  1. Box from any transaction in the order to cash process
  2. Copy boxes to reduce unnecessary repetitive steps 
  3. Configure preset box templates for fast entry
  4. Enter dimensions and weights all in one simple grid
  5. Remove boxes that were entered by accident
  6. Evenly distribute contents across boxes with the click of a button

For more complex boxing requirements, reach out to us at support@paragon-erp.com to learn more about custom rules.

Disregard stock levels when creating pick tickets

When picking in Paragon, a location must be selected on each line before issuing the pick ticket. You can now decide whether or not it’s required to have sufficient stock in that location in order to be selected. This can be especially useful if you have non-inventory items that are not tracked down to the unit.

This can be configured using the advanced settings modal in the pick screen setup.

Display a consolidated bill of material on printouts

The custom bill of materials on a transaction can be used to specify any materials, tools and/or additional labor costs that are associated with manufacturing, procuring or selling an item. The total quantity and cost of each material consolidated across all transaction lines is now available in our PDF report template editor.

Remove out of date address from companies

When customers move or vendors relocate, it’s important to keep an accurate and up-to-date list of their valid addresses. This can now be done by right-clicking the address on the company file and removing it. This will delete the address and prevent it from being used in the future, but will leave it as is on historical transactions.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Import of drop down attribute values is now case sensitive. This matches the validation that’s done when values are entered through the UI.
  2. Partially picked pick ticket lines will be moved to the bottom of the list in the mobile application in order to prioritize lines that still need to be picked.
  3.  The carrier and carrier service level are now sent to 2Ship when entered on non-consolidated shipments in Paragon.

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