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What's new with Paragon - November 26 2019

New user interface feedback animations for ParagonERP!

We constantly work on improving our software, which is why we release a new version of Paragon every two weeks. With that in mind, we’ve made some small but helpful changes to Paragon’s interface in order to improve user experience. We’ll continue to implement these little features as we iterate. In this update you will see:

- User feedback when hovering over buttons
- Fade in / face out out item and transaction modals

Reconcile credit to invoices by issuing $0 payments

To determine how much of an invoice still needs to be paid, you reconcile customer invoices and credits. In Paragon, you reconcile invoices and credits by creating payments. Sometimes, but hopefully, not too often, you credit a customer for the full amount of an invoice. Even though they have nothing to pay you, the reconciliation process is still important - you need to know that the invoice and credit cancel each other out to yield a $0 balance. To apply these invoices and credits you now can issue $0 payments in Paragon. You can also use this process to reconcile your accounts payable.  Check out our documentation for more details:

New warning notification when reopening a closed GL period

Life throws us curve-balls all the time. When that happens in the business world, our ERP software needs to be able to adapt. We have always allowed you to reopen a closed GL period to make adjustments for exactly this reason. However, we’ve decided that it would be best to give you a warning message about it to avoid someone reopening a period in error and making changes that were not intended.  

Improvements to the the bank reconciliation screen

In finance, it's very helpful to be able to match up your bank statements to actual transactions in your ERP system. This helps to ensure that mistakes are caught in a timely fashion and dealt with before they become overwhelming. To that end, we have improved our existing bank reconciliation feature to give you more information about any linking that has already been done. Paragon will now display a list of all transactions that have been linked to a specific bank line in a tooltip. In addition, if something is already linked, the transaction is checked off in the modal. Just click on the line to see the details.

Print transaction PDF’s in bulk - even if they use different templates

We introduced you to our new custom PDF template generator in the last update. This time around, we are offering the option to create Paragon rules to help you determine which templates should be used in specific scenarios. This will save huge amounts of time - you can set the rules up so that certain customer or vendor types get appropriate outputs. As usual, please contact us at support@paragon-erp.com for help setting up rules.

Improved performance for Amazon product catalogs

The Amazon world is about as fast-paced as it gets. ParagonERP is ready for it - we've been working hard to make sure that we offer you the fastest solution for your Amazon needs. We’ve improved the performance when importing your Amazon product catalog into ParagonERP. Less time waiting for products to import means more time to spend on more important tasks.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
- Improved action button functionality for custom templates.
- Correction to the my company module when importing new addresses.
- Removed permission to adjust my company information via the universal translator.
- Voiding journal entries will no longer affect closed GL periods.
- Improved labels for the right-click menu in transaction lines.
- Correction to notifications in the event and calendar modules.
- More comprehensive sample data for custom templates in the payment modules.
- Correction to workflow when creating a new product with a bill of material.
- Removed invalid access to actual charges in attribute inheritance.

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