What's new with Paragon - October 1, 2019

What's new with Paragon - October 1, 2019

ParagonERP for Amazon

We are proud to introduce our new solution, ParagonERP for Amazon. We have developed a fully synchronized backend for Amazon FBA sellers, which is completely automated to match Amazon's set up, so your product catalog is configured in minutes. Our full-featured system will take care of your Amazon inventory management, multi-marketplace needs, and shipping plans, just to name a few.

Full installation and setup

Shortly after purchasing ParagonERP for Amazon, you’ll be able to start selling. On install, you’ll get a full-functioning ERP with: 

  • FBA inventory replenishment and tracking needs across US, Canadian and Mexican Amazon marketplaces.

  • Your entire product catalog, with inventory by marketplace.

  • Every Amazon-required field of information in any product category.

Product catalog and inventory management

Do you have multiple marketplaces, multiple product descriptions, and multiple sales prices? With Paragon, you can update one product catalog to manage multiple marketplaces (yes, this means handling just one SKU for all of your marketplaces!) 

  1. Use Paragon associations to specify product details on a per-marketplace basis. This allows you to handle different titles, languages, prices or descriptions without creating a new product per marketplace.
  2. Manage and create new product variations seamlessly with Paragon’s copy function and push changes right to Seller Central.
  3. Push and pull product changes to Amazon Seller Central.
  4. Know exactly how much inventory is available per marketplace by requesting inventory updates from Amazon.

Fulfilling to Amazon: The full process 

With our integrated fulfillment process, sending stock to Amazon becomes a breeze. Use Paragon to request shipping plans, prepare boxes, get labels and send your stock to Amazon.

Request a shipment plan

From within Paragon, you can request a shipment plan for any marketplace. Once Amazon approves and provides you with shipment destination, details, sales orders, and packing lists will be automatically created. You can use these to begin your internal fulfillment process. 

Prepare your shipment

Use Paragon’s boxing function to send carton information like dimensions, weight and shipment carrier details to Amazon. What’s more, accept or reject Amazon’s estimated shipping charges for your shipment right from the packing list.

Once you’re ready to ship

Request and print shipment packing labels for all of your boxes. Then, let Amazon know that the goods are on their way by creating a shipment inside Paragon.

We’ve moved our user documentation

Another exciting change we recently made was to migrate our user documentation from WordPress to Zoho. But do not fear, nothing really changes for you as a user. You will just as easily be able to peruse our documentation and open links inside these updates. We decided to make this change so that our documentation is integrated with our ticket system - you can now submit help tickets from inside the knowledge base. What’s more, Zoho’s search functionality is significantly better and before long, you’ll also be able to search directly in Google to find excellent suggestions from the knowledge base. Zoho allows for a better user experience and is a more robust solution. A win-win situation all round.

Run action button rules from list views

Any rule that is already installed on a module action button, can now be used with the bulk edit feature in the list view. You can select multiple records and run any action button rule on all selected records at once. This feature saves you time when updating the pricing of your product catalog or when changing the seasons of multiple items!  Contact us at support@paragon-erp.com for help setting up rules.

Configurable columns in the add item modal

The new item modal (or grouping grid) was improved several updates ago to include a few new options. This time around, we’ve given all users access to a new feature set in this grid. The following options are incredibly handy for your team whenever they need to add items to a transaction.

- Add and remove columns based on configured attributes per module.

- Save column configurations by user and by module.

- Pin important columns to either the left or right side of the grid so they are always in view (similar to freezing panes in a spreadsheet).

Delete Line option has moved in the edit menu in transactions

All it takes is for a small slip of your mouse and the next thing you know, you’ve accidentally deleted a line from a transaction. That's why we moved the delete option to the bottom of the list, and, while we were at it, adjusted the order of other options for more clarity. We’ve got your back!


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Improved performance when sending the email to new clients.
  2. Corrected hover text in User Access for the edit and add new buttons.
  3. Removed unnecessary delete option when creating an event from a module.
  4. Re-sized display in all line attribute modal forms.
  5. Adjusted right click menu in the location field on pick tickets.
  6. Revised notification when adding duplicate attributes to material screen setup.
  7. Upload images button on products is now accessible to all users.
  8. Improved Shopify inventory webhooks during sync.
  9. Exchange rate notification was adjusted to be more accurate.
  10. Implemented type-ahead (auto-fill) attributes in the associations dropdown.
  11. ​Improved functionality when linking user profiles with people.

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