What's new with Paragon - October 15, 2019

What's new with Paragon - October 15, 2019

Improved functionality in the attribute panels

We've learned that the only way to achieve excellence is to continuously improve - even if it’s in tiny (but consistent!) increments. That's why we have added a nice little feature to all attribute panels (screens) in Paragon. You can now search the attribute list by typing in the name of any attribute - no matter how many you have in screen setup, simply start typing to find the one you want to add.

Settings page improvements

We’ve all seen this before - you click on something and you wait, unsure if your click registered or if there was just a slight delay in response from the system. Well, guess no more. We have added a small but significant change to the settings page in ParagonERP. When you click any option, you will now see a spinner to let you know that we got your request, are working on it and you should be ready to go in a few moments.

Added the journal entry module to screen setup

This new option allows you to either add a report or a rule to the action button for the journal entry screen. Let’s say you want to navigate directly to the journal listing report, for instance - no problem. If you want to run a rule that will send an email to your client or vendor, we’ve got that covered too. With just a few clicks, your new option will be available in the action button on the journal entry screen.

Progress for ParagonERP for Amazon

At Jonar, we are always striving to improve our products. With that in mind, we knew we would be making ongoing enhancements to the new ParagonERP for Amazon. Here are a few things we've changed recently to make your experience even smoother:

We added our ParagonERP for Amazon logo to the Amazon e-commerce page. 

Unit of Measur​e attributes

We also added functionality to ParagonERP for unit of measure association to Amazon attributes. This was a big change - you can now assign an attribute to a product (for example) and also assign the related unit of measure to that attribute. Distance, weight, and size are now that much easier to use - just to name a few.

Date and time improvements when pushing products

We adjusted the date and time that is displayed when using the push products feature. The date and time now default to the last time you pushed products to Amazon.


Here's a list of bugs that we've exterminated with this update: 
  1. Increased licenses for better back-end support
  2. Better drop-down functionality in the rules wizard
  3. Increased the size for displayed customer names in transactions

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