What's new with Paragon - October 29, 2019

What's new with Paragon - October 29, 2019

Typeahead functionality for attributes

Paragon’s attribute lists can become packed with various fields, which means that it can be challenging to find the attribute you are looking for when you are scrolling. Well, you can now type the attribute name you need and Paragon will find and list the matching results for easy selection.

Improved help options for Amazon purchase process

If you’re an Amazon seller, you need an Amazon Seller ID and an MWS authorization token - but where do you find these credentials? We’ve written some documentation to help make this easier for you. Access this information directly from our Amazon landing page, where you can also purchase ParagonERP for Amazon in a snap!

Run Amazon rules in bulk

The ParagonERP for Amazon workflow allows you to create shipment requests from our quote module. But if you have several requests to make at once, it can take a little while to send the requests one quote at a time. Do you want to issue all new quotes at once to reduce your workload and reduce the time required to get responses from Amazon? We’ve got you! Select multiple quotes and request shipment plans for all of them from the list view, at the click of one button.

Create journal entries from the action button

Picture this - you have a prepaid payment sitting on account and have now attached it to an invoice. Any journal entries that were generated at the time of the original transactions could be incorrect at this point. Paragon can now use a rule that will allow you to reverse the existing journals and create new ones in the most recent available GL period and mapping based on the current state of your transactions. Contact us at support@paragon-erp.com for more information about our rules and how to run them from action buttons.


Here's a list of the bugs we've eliminated with this update:

  1. Improved links to user documentation from within Paragon.
  2. Redesigned test mode login process to avoid conflicts with live mode passwords.

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