What's new with Paragon - September 14, 2021

What's new with Paragon - September 14, 2021

Block journal entries from being posted into header GL accounts

Paragon allows you to configure your own Chart of Accounts, with infinite layers of header accounts and sub-accounts. Header accounts make it easier to maintain a large General Ledger by allowing you to group accounts together, which keeps your Chart of Accounts organized and your Financial Reporting easy to analyze. But posting into both header accounts and their sub-accounts can be dangerous, since the balance of a header account is the total of all the balances of the sub-accounts. To avoid this, there is now a new, optional feature that you can enable. 

In the Financial tab of My Company, you’ll now see a new checkbox “Disable posting into parent accounts.”

If checked, journals will not be posted into any accounts that have sub-accounts associated with them in your Chart. In addition, you will not be able to configure automatic journal entries being posted into header accounts. 
Note that if you choose not to enable this feature, you can continue posting into header GL accounts. 


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Users are no longer blocked from deleting action buttons in screen setup that have been set as defaults in the workflow configuration screen.
  2. The account column in the GL setup screen is now wider so it is easier to read the full account names.
  3. Error handling and notifications have been added when creating a person with auto-sequencing enabled.
  4. The business term attributes no longer get cleared when first saving a work order, reservation or material pick.
  5. The print button for print Qlikview reports has been renamed Print Qlik to differentiate it from the print button for custom PDFs.
  6. QuickBooks customer and vendor import now continues even if there is an issue with a single record.
  7. The link to person dropdown on the user access modal is no longer disabled.
  8. The business term attributes now always show the same date across the transaction, list view, WIGO reports, and custom PDFs.
  9. Some small changes were made to the layout of the Bought and Sold WIGO report to allow for easier analysis.

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