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Using the activity panel


The activity panel is a very helpful tool that allows you to get a quick understanding of the activity related to a specific customer, vendor, or product. Let's say you want to view all quotes that have been created for a particular customer. Although you can always obtain this information through a report, if you do not want very detailed information and just want to see a list of the transactions, the activity panel may be the best option.

The activity panel is available on the product, material, customer, and vendor modules. Depending on the module that you're in, you can view different transactions. For instance, because customer invoices are not associated with a vendor, this option is not available in the vendor module. 

Go to the activity panel

Go to any of these reference module and select the detail view button.

The activity panel is displayed on the right-hand side of the reference screen. 

In the activity panel, you can filter by transaction.

You also have the ability to filter by status.

If you leave the status field blank, it will show you all transactions, regardless of the status.
In the example below, orders were selected from the drop down and the filter is showing all orders associated with the product Boots Green 5.

The colors that display next to the transaction correspond to the status of that transaction.  Clicking on them will navigate you to that transaction.

  • temp: orange
  • hold: red
  • issued: blue
  • complete: green
  • void: purple

Customer and vendor modules

In the customer and vendor modules the activity panel includes a summary section at the bottom for all transaction types and will display:

  • Total amount of all listed transactions
  • Total units of all transactions
  • Date of the most recent transaction

In the customer and vendor modules, the activity panel also offers the recent financial transactions drop down option.  

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