Using the pick ticket summary screen

Using the pick ticket summary screen


The pick ticket summary screen gives you a listing of all the products to be collected for your pick. With the help of the provided icons you can quickly assess which products haven't been started and which have been partially or fully picked.

Pick ticket lines are sorted by: 
- Location
- Pick quantity
  - Unpicked lines are listed at the top
  - Lines that were intentionally picked at 0 units will be listed at the bottom
  - Lines that have been partially picked will be in the middle

If a bin has not been assigned by this point in the picking process the system will prompt you to scan one before you can continue. Should you scan a bin that's already been assigned to another pick ticket you will be asked whether you would like to continue that pick instead. Once your pick has an assigned picker and bin it's time to select which product you'll be working with by scanning an item.

Selecting a product on the pick ticket summary screen

You select from the products listed by scanning their product code, SKU, EAN, or UPC code. Should there be multiple listings of the same product the user will be asked to select the exact record from a filtered list. Once selected you will be taken to the product's respective pick ticket detail screen.

Removing yourself from a pick

Removing yourself from a pick ticket can also be done here. Scanning the assigned bin from inside the pick ticket detail screen will prompt you to confirm if you'd like to remove yourself from the pick ticket. This process will not unassign the bin from the pick.

What's next?

Now that you have the know-how to start using the mobile picking app, you can start arming your pick team with the picking app and the hardware of your choice.  In the meantime, you may find some of these other articles useful:

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