What's new with Paragon - April 27, 2021

What's new with Paragon - April 27, 2021

Reset your data in ParagonSMB

Ok, so you’ve had a chance to play around in ParagonSMB and decided that it’s the perfect tool for you to manage your inventory, order fulfillment, and reporting. Great! But now you have a bunch of fake test data that you were using to test out the system, and you want to start fresh. The new ‘reset all data’ option in the reports and data card in the setting screen lets you do just that.

This functionality was designed to make it easy and seamless to go live. It will delete all references and transactions in Paragon, including the sample data included in your free trial, but any configuration you’ve set up will be left as is. This includes:
  1. New attributes that you’ve added in attribute setup
  2. Any configuration done in screen setup  or the print and email configuration
  3. Any WIGO report layouts that you’ve created and saved
  4. Any custom PDF templates that you’ve created

Last but not least, any connections to QuickBooks Online, Shopify, or Amazon will remain active, and while the data that you’ve imported from these add-ons will be deleted in Paragon, your data in these other systems will be left untouched. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe. 

No need to fret! The data reset won’t begin until you check off the checkbox and hit accept. This prevents it from happening by mistake. 

Include the source of each transaction line in custom PDFs

Tracing the flow of an order from the first quote or reservation all the way through to the final payment and shipment can be difficult. In the past, if one transaction was created from multiple sources, you would have to keep track of this information manually. Now you can include the source transaction of specific itemized lines in the custom PDFs that you print or email. When you insert a data source in the report template editor, the ‘lines::source’ field is now available on all transaction templates. 

In the example printout below, the customer can easily see that one shipment was created for two of their incoming orders, so they know to expect both orders on their doorstep at the same time.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Performance improvements were made to the ‘create this from that’ functionality.
  2. Data being imported into Paragon is automatically sent to WIGO. This prevents data discrepancies between WIGO and the modules themselves in case the import is disrupted for any reason.

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