What's new with Paragon - December 22, 2020

What's new with Paragon - December 22, 2020

Introducing: ParagonSMB

If you have yet to see our press release, we have an exciting announcement to make!

We’d like to introduce the newest member of our product family, ParagonSMB: a tailor-made solution for small to medium-sized businesses that comes with our QuickBooks Online and Shopify add ons pre-installed, with Amazon coming soon. This means that you can pick and choose which add ons you want to use right out of the gate.

Perhaps you already love using Shopify or Amazon as your e-commerce platform for your B2B or B2C sales, or maybe you rely on QuickBooks Online for on the go expense tracking, customer collections, and flexible bill payments? While these products offer excellent functionality, they lack in inventory management, product catalog management, and logistics tracking and planning. 

If this sounds all too familiar, then ParagonSMB’s for you. You’re growing quickly and need something to enhance your existing toolbox, but you’re definitely not ready for that leap of faith into the ERP implementation world. ParagonSMB has all the benefits of the platforms that you already know and love, with some simple extensions. 

Here are some of the awesome features, just to name a few: 
  1. Seamlessly sync your product, customer, and vendor catalogs across the three add ons. All your relevant data is automatically imported and ready to go as soon as you connect to QuickBooks Online, Shopify, or Amazon.
  2. Continue to collect money quickly from your customers by recording invoices and credits in ParagonSMB that automatically export to QuickBooks Online. Then pull in payments from QuickBooks Online to mark invoices as paid for up to date customer AR in ParagonSMB.
  3. Manage and track a centralized inventory across multiple Shopify shops and Amazon marketplaces.
  4. Track your procurement process and stock receipts in Paragon.
  5. Set up unlimited warehouse locations and keep track of inbound, reserved, and available stock.
  6. Run simple but powerful real-time reporting on all areas of your business using our BI reporting tool, WIGO.

We know that ERP software can be a bit intimidating and sometimes you just need a way to dip your toes in and test out the waters. ParagonSMB was designed with this in mind, including a 14-day free trial and a customer support chat so you can be sure that you love our system as much as we do before you commit. We like to think of it as a flexible tool that can adapt to fit your specific needs, and even grow with your business as those needs change.


Know the perfect business that might be interested? Start a free trial today!


Delete pivoted lines with the advanced add item modal

In our last update, we released the new advanced add item modal that makes entering orders and other transactions quick and seamless, which is especially useful if you have multiple variations of a product. 

We’ve now added the ability to delete pivoted lines by double-clicking the line while in edit mode. After deleting the line, all variants of that product will be deleted with one click. Adding a size run of a product by mistake will no longer slow you down!


Trigger rules after copying references 

With Paragon’s copy function, it’s easy to create copies of your records that can then be edited to create variations of the original record. Now, using the ‘after_copy’ triggers for each reference module, you can run a rule when you click finish in the copy modal. After the rule is run, you will see a summary of the copy results which will display the message that you specified in the rule. 

For example, let’s say you want to copy a product and create different color and size variations with that same style. You always label your products as style-color-size, but, by default, each new products’ code would be the original products’ code followed by ‘_Copy’. Using these triggers, you could have a rule assign the code based on the attribute values and avoid the tedious task of manually editing each product. 

Contact us at support@paragon-erp.com for help setting up rules.

2Ship total shipment weight on packing lists and shipments

Our multi-carrier integration with 2Ship makes shipping easy by allowing you to compare carrier costs and delivery time of almost 200 carriers, as well as generate labels and tracking numbers for your shipment. Now, if you enter or update the weight of a shipment in 2Ship, that weight will show in Paragon on the more tab of both the shipment and packing list that it was created from. This means that the weight can still be updated by the shipper even after the pack is completed.
Our 2Ship integration is only available for our ParagonERP customers.



Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Advanced add item modal inheritance was fixed and clearer error messages were added.
  2. Password reset error messages now have general language to prevent username enumeration.
  3. Location endpoint in the WIGO reporting tool is now fixed.
  4. Taxes can now be added and edited manually on invoices for customers without a shipping address.
  5. Picks are now completed in Paragon when they are completed in the mobile application.
  6. API now handles duplicate tax codes and rejects tax input without tax codes or amounts.
  7. You no longer need to log out in order to add new items to BOMs.

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