What's new with Paragon - July 6, 2021

What's new with Paragon - July 6, 2021

Manage your subscription details and credit card information in ParagonSMB

When you purchase ParagonSMB, 2 users are automatically included. However, we know that some small or medium businesses may need more than 2 users to manage orders, inventory and other fulfillment processes. In order to make the upgrade process as simple as possible, we’ve implemented functionality that allows you to manage your account details like billing information and the amount of available users. 

To access the new portal, powered by Stripe, click your email at the top right and then click “Manage my Account”. After updating your plan and billing information, click “Return to Paragon” to be redirected back to the home screen. To add and activate new users, head over to the user management screen in settings.

To learn more about the plans and features available in ParagonSMB, visit our website

As a note, if you change plans in the middle of the monthly billing period, you will receive an invoice by email and be charged the prorated amount for the remainder of the month.

For now, this functionality is only available to users with a paid SMB subscription.

Automatically created journals referenced on the originating transaction

To reduce the chance of human-error, Paragon gives you the option to have automatic journal entries created for financial transactions like invoices, credits and even receipts and shipments. 

Now, the journal numbers are also displayed on the more tab of the transaction itself, including the reversal journal created if the transaction is voided. This makes it easy to reference related journal entries and track transactions in the GL. 


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Invoices are now always created after importing paid Shopify orders.
  2. Products from Shopify with a non-unique common ID are now skipped on import rather than stopping the full import.
  3. Voiding picks, packs, and material picks now move inventory to the correct location and a notification is displayed.
  4. Voiding unpacked receipts now removes the inventory from the correct location.
  5. The paid amount of vendor invoices in the vendor invoice summary WIGO report is now updated as expected.
  6. Journals can no longer be saved or posted with a debit and credit on the same line.
  7. The display of the GL balances WIGO report is updated correctly when the filter selection is changed.
  8. The reporting group attribute on GL accounts will always show in the attribute panel.
  9. Date selector now always opens to today’s date if no other date was previously selected.
  10. A rule type can no longer be selected for a rule that shouldn’t have one.
  11. The paid amount on an invoice or credit will now always be correct in the case of partial payments.

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