What's new with Paragon - July 21, 2020

What's new with Paragon - July 21, 2020

Paragon’s brand new, improved, transaction grid 

After much anticipation, we’re ready to unveil where we have focused our efforts over the last few months: our brand new transaction grid! 

Each transaction module in Paragon is used differently. Order entry follows a different process than paying a vendor. Invoicing requires different information than quoting a customer. Creating a work order is equally as complex but vastly different to receiving a purchase order. For that reason, the ability to customize exactly what appears on the grid in each and every module in Paragon is not just extremely impactful, but necessary. 

Here are some of the highlights you’ll experience with the new changes to the grid: 
  1. Attributes where you need them: The column selector will give you the ability to add or remove any product or material attributes, transaction line attributes and line discounts directly into the transaction grid. Instead of a right-click, you can see the relevant information you need at a glance in the grid. What’s even better? The grid remembers what you had previously configured so that you don't have to reset your preferences every time. 

  1. At a glance pictures: It’s hard to remember the product code of every style, in each color, and for every season. So, we’ve added pictures for some help! Product and material images are now displayed directly in the grid if you hover over the picture icon. 

  1. Fast data entry: The transaction grid is primarily used to enter quantities and prices. In edit mode, use the up and down arrows or tab key to navigate the grid. If you’re used to quick order entry, you know this functionality is key (no pun intended.) 

Shopify integration improvements 

Next time you import your orders from Shopify to Paragon, you’ll notice that there’s a new attribute in the more tab that lets you know the payment status of the order.

This information helps you track exactly what payment stage this Shopify order is in. Each time the order reaches a new payment phase, the attribute will also change - providing up to date information in your ERP. 

Amazon improvements 

Name your Amazon Shipment plans

As an FBA seller, you might send dozens of shipments to Amazon per week. Before you started using ParagonERP, you probably had a process to keep track of all these shipments by naming them in a specific way. For this reason, our Amazon integration now includes the ability to name your shipment plans directly in Paragon before sending them off. When creating a shipment plan using Paragon’s Quote module, use an attribute in the more tab to name the plan. Once the plan is accepted by Amazon, you’ll easily be able to identify and track it in the Seller Central Shipping Queue


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve eliminated with this update:
  1. Scheduled run now rules are now functioning
  2. Fix the bug that let users create duplicate addresses  
  3. Users can void a work order and return the BOM components to inventory 
  4. The right reference ID shows up when associating 2 items together 

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