What's new with Paragon - September 28, 2021

What's new with Paragon - September 28, 2021

Configure action buttons that allow you to create another transaction

One of Paragon’s main pieces of functionality is the action button, which is how you can do things like issue an invoice or print a packing list. Now, you will also have the ability to create follow-up transactions by using this same action button. This new feature will allow you to automate workflows so that you and your team always take the best, most logical step in order to reduce errors and improve efficiency. For example, once you’ve approved and issued an order, the next step might be to create a pick ticket, which can now be done directly inside the order module. Users with specific roles can avoid jumping around the system to create the follow-up transactions for other departments to begin approving. 

These action buttons are configurable in settings through screen setup. 

Easily run reports on large data sets by pre-filtering data

Depending on how heavily you use Paragon, a module can end up holding hundreds of thousands of transactions. For example, picking - at least one pick ticket is created for every order that is generated, making it an overly large set of transactions. When running a report, it is not always necessary to see every single transaction in that module - in fact, it is more overwhelming than it is useful. The new WIGO filtering modal allows you to remove data that is not necessary for the report and makes it much more manageable to gain insight into the data you actually want to analyze. 

This modal will appear if the report has tried to load for 10 seconds. 

Add line discounts to GL setup for automatic journal creation

Paragon creates automatic journal entries for financial transactions (like invoice, credit, payment…) using GL setup. Paragon also allows you to create line discounts for several financial transactions - discounting the line total instead of the subtotal of the transaction. When an automatic journal entry is generated for transactions with line discounts, you can now choose to book those amounts to a different GL account. This means that for an invoice, the line total can be split into revenue (the sale of the product) and a cost of sale account (the line discount) instead of the net being posted to revenue. 

The line discount is treated as a deduction to the line itself and uses the same GL account until changed. 


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Connection issues to Shopify under certain situations have been resolved. 
  2. Users are blocked from importing inventory from QuickBooks in situations that would cause doubled inventory quantities.
  3. Shopify reservations are correctly issued when imported.

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